Elmo was founded in 1931. The early days as a small shoe leather company have over the years evolved to become a pioneering supplier of sustainable leathers to international companies in the automotive, furniture and many other interior requiring sectors. Our history spans over nearly 90 years, all over the globe.

Hem’s Puffy lounge chair designed by Faye Toogood here upholstered with Elmo’s leather Elmosoft color-02119.

Elmosoft is a chrome free, soft and pliable Semi-Aniline leather. Outstanding comfort combined with excellent durability and an extensive shade card, makes it very suitable for any interior.
A visual story telling by Giorgina Wright

Circular economy and ‘Zero Waste Leather’

all our process waste is up-cycled

ECO – Elmo Circular Operating model sets a new benchmark for circular economy within the tanning industry
The tradition of leather, refining a material made by nature is one of the oldest circular economies in the world, creating a sustainable value proposition based on up-cycling. At Elmo, we apply a 100% circular manufacturing methodology meaning all our process waste is up-cycled, recycled and reused as raw-material for other industries or as energy. Launched in early 2021, Elmo’s industry leading ECO-model facilitates zero process waste, which means that none of our waste ends up in landfill creating an industry unique ‘Zero Waste Leather’ value proposition. Leather also enables a prolonged product and application lifetime compared to alternative materials. Our distinguished ‘Zero Waste Leather’ is a high-performing, beautiful and fully biodegradable end-product, that reduces the CO2 footprint due to its extended product life expectancy and our unique ECO-model.

‘Zero Waste Leather’ concept and ECO – Elmo Circular Operating model conclusion summary 

Whether for hotels, offices or theaters, we create unique sustainable leather solutions.

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